Home Decor during Pandemic

Linchpins design
2 min readNov 5, 2020

With festivities breaking in during the coronavirus pandemic, many of us have been trying to figure out different ways to celebrate for quite a while now. However, staying at home remains the primary requisite, so why not shift our attention to the space we are living in and invest in our home décor- letting our creative juices flowing. If you like to be a trendsetter, or if you are someone who hasn’t considered decorating the home-which has become our workplace, our gym, our party zone etc. post the pandemic- yet, then Linchpins Designs is here to help you out with our awesome range of steel products that can really revamp your home in no time!

Since, the focus has shifted to being healthy, Linchpins comes with a range of planters that can be used to grow one’s own greens or planting air purifying indoor plants. These highly sustainable Steel planters can be easily installed to window sills, balconies, work desks, nooks and table tops. Their eye-catchy designs are surely going to grab the attention of your online guests!

As work from home has become an important change during the pandemic, home offices are apparently going to stay here for long. Getting used to the ‘Covid lifestyle’ — our homes continue to be the centre of our lives. With time many of us have turned the most comfortable corners of our houses into our workplace. The interesting and aesthetically sound office accessories by Linchpins can certainly bring festive spark to your desk.

Make the best of these times to decorate your home into a happy place with the wide range of steel products Linchpins design is offering.